Innovative Legal Services for Businesses & Individuals

Innovative Legal Services for Businesses & Individuals

Innovative Legal Services for Businesses & IndividualsInnovative Legal Services for Businesses & IndividualsInnovative Legal Services for Businesses & Individuals

We deliver top-notch legal services, with honor, to clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and New York.  

About Us

Legal Solutions For Your Specific Needs, in Ways You Can Understand and Trust.


Legal matters can be overwhelming, so let us make sense of them for you.  If you have been sued, or you want to sue a party that has harmed you, we can help. If you want to form or sell a business, or get financing, write an employee manual, conduct an investigation, or negotiate an employment or severance deal, call us.  If you seek review of a lease, or you are buying or selling a property, contact us as we have significant real estate experience.  If you need to start or continue a divorce or custody matter, we're here for you with empathy and legal diligence.  And if you want to secure a trademark or copyright, we will get right on that for you.  We can assist you on all of these legal issues and more!  The Honos Law team is dedicated to helping small businesses and individuals with honor and integrity, in plain language you can understand, without making you feel taken advantage of by the legal process.

A Focus on the Results That You Seek


We always start our engagements with an attorney meeting with you to fully understand your aims and all the facts.  Then we craft a legal action plan for you to efficiently get where you want to be.  Our unending aim is ultimately to deliver you the RESULTS you desire. 

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Don't wait! Contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys. Let us help you figure out your best next steps. The sooner we develop a cohesive legal plan of action, the better the chance of taking the correct steps to get the best results.


Suing to Collect Payments for a Business Client


Our client had substantial past-due receiveables from an unpaying customer which was avoiding all contact with our client, despite our client having  provided conforming goods to that customer. Our lead attorney on the case brought the non-payer back to the table by filing a UCC-based lawsuit. 

Defending a Client in a Jury Trial, and Counter-Claiming


Another of our clients is a small business which felt that they had been wrongly sued for breach of contract and fraud.  We mounted an effective defense in the general litigation against them while also working closely with the client to develop and file a multi-count counterclaim against the Plaintiff.

Crafting a Partnership for Medical Cannabis


Our expert legal services recently included working with a team of 8 entrepreneurs to craft and execute a complex partnership agreement for a minority team submitting a proposal for a Maryland Medical Cannabis growing and processing license. 

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